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Sewer and Drain Cleaning/Descaling

We provide a snaking service (also known as roto rooter) for 2″ to 6″ lines clearing out tree root masses, grease, grime, and products that get flushed down the drains. We can clean your main sewer line, the line going to your septic tank or a vent pipe. This is the most common type of sewer and drain cleaning. We offer a superior sewer cleaning service. We are able to mill out the drain wall to wall as well as descale the drain pipes. Ask about our “advanced drain cleaning” service.



High Pressure Water Jetting

Bulldog Sewer & Drain

Hydro jetting is one of the sewer and drain cleaning options we offer. Hydro jetting is useful for frozen drains and drains with heavy grime build up. It cleans the pipes using different nozzles that spray water at a very high pressure in different directions depending on which nozzle is needed. This type of sewer and drain cleaning is very handy in those commercial drain settings where there is a lot of grease. The jetter does the type of cleaning that a snake machine cannot handle.



Sewer and Septic Excavating

Bulldog-Sewer-Drain-114If you have a broken pipe we can excavate the pipe and repair it. We can also install outside clean-outs that will allow your line to be cleaned with better efficiency and help keep from having large machines brought into your home or business. Sometimes a sewer or septic pipe just needs a repair not a full line replacement. Give us a call for a free estimate. 231-853-2743 or 616-844-6575.



Sinks, Tubs, & Floor Drains

bulldog sewer and drain cleaningWe clean 1 1/4″ to 4″ drains clearing out grease, scum, lint, roots, and other types of build up. During line cleaning our techs also clean out the traps to help avoid future issues. Kitchen and bathroom sink lines are notorious for accumulating a grease and soap scum build up. We are able to clean and flush the grime out to increase water flow. Laundry lines and floor drains tend to get a build up of lint and soap scum that we can remove.



Camera Inspections

bulldog sewer and drain cleaningInspections available for 2 1/2″ to 6″ lines. We can look for good places for outside clean-outs, root masses, dips or bellies, and broken or damaged lines. If you are curious about the condition of your pipe or have constant problems and want to take a look at the possible problems give us a call at 231-853-273 or 616-844-6575. We also offer guarantees* on cleaned lines with purchase of camera inspection.



Underground Locating

rigid-locatorIf you are in need of tracing your sewer or septic line or checking for depth before installing other underground utilities we can do that for you. We can also pin point trouble areas and damaged spots in your line. Locating and tracing pipes can help to save money. It can help prevent useless digging and help prevent damaging your pipes while doing other underground work. 



Submersible Pump Maintenance

bulldog sewer and drain pump replacementIf your septic lift pump or sewage pump is not keeping up with demand, we can replace the pump and the float switch for you. Sometimes it just needs a new float switch and sometimes the pump goes bad, let us do the work for you. We use high quality pumps that come at an affordable price. We also install our pumps so they are easy to work on in the future if needed.



Routine maintenance schedules are available to help you avoid those messy backups.



*Please call for details