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Muskegon Sewer Cleaning

Muskegon Sewer CleaningBulldog Sewer & Drain, LLC is your local family owned Muskegon Sewer Cleaning Company. Our focus is on providing honest and professional sewer cleaning in Muskegon. At Bulldog Sewer & Drain, LLC our techs will do anything possible to keep your home or business as clean and neat as possible. Our techs will use boot covers and tarps as needed and clean up after themselves.


At Bulldog Sewer & Drain, LLC we specialize in several types of sewer and drain line cleaning in Muskegon. We use superior quality tools and equipment like Spartan and Rigid in order to provide the highest quality work possible. Our Spartan sewer machines give us the ability to clean sink, tub, laundry, and floor drains from 1 ¼” up to 4”. It also allows for cleaning of sewer, septic, and vent lines from 2” up to 6”. Our high tech cameras and underground locators let us inspect lines from 2 ½” up to 6” for trouble areas, damage. We can also trace a sewer or septic drain. In addition Muskegon Sewer Cleaning Bulldog-Sewer-Drainwe have maintenance service on submersible pumps and preventative maintenance schedules on your sewer, septic, and drain lines available.


At Bulldog Sewer & Drain, LLC we have affordable prices and free estimates. As well as excellent service in Muskegon. The techs are experienced and respectful. The owner of Bulldog Sewer & Drain, LLC received his experience in the industry by working for one of the best prior to going on his own. We are your local Sewer Cleaning in Muskegon.


Muskegon Sewer Cleaning

We offer Muskegon Sewer Cleaning services for all types of pipe. At Bulldog Sewer and Drain, LLC we can hydro jet your sewer or septic drains and perform camera inspections. We can also locate damaged pipes, repair sewer and septic pipes in Muskegon. And of course offer standard sewer and drain cleaning.