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Bulldog Sewer and Drain


Bulldog Sewer and Drain is a full service sewer and drain cleaning company. We are licensed and insured. Our plumbers service the Muskegon, Grand Haven, and surrounding West Michigan Area for all of your sewer cleaning and drain cleaning needs. At Bulldog Sewer and Drain we use the most up to date drain cleaning equipment. We now offer a full wall to wall pipe milling service. We use jetters and pipe milling equipment for a superior cleaning service.




Emergency Service Available

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We offer emergency services for sewer and drain cleaning at Bulldog Sewer and Drain.  Call us anytime for your plumbing and sewer and drain cleaning needs. Let our plumbers get you out of trouble. Located conveniently in Muskegon County and ready to serve the West Michigan Lakeshore.






Advanced Sewer and Drain Cleaning/Descaling

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At Bulldog Sewer and Drain we offer an advanced sewer and drain cleaning option. Using our cameras with our milling equipment we are able to offer complete wall to wall superior cleaning service. Traditional cables are not able clean a drain as well as our equipment. This equipment allows us to descale old steel drain lines.






We Provide High Tech Camera Inspections

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YouTube Camera Inspection

With sewer camera technology Bulldog Sewer and Drain can locate and troubleshoot problem drains. When using the camera with our milling equipment we are able to clean your drains wall to wall for a superior drain cleaning.  The sewer cameras are equipped with a transmitter that allows the plumber to determine the depth and location of the drain. This technology takes the guess work out of trouble drains. *A camera inspection can sometimes allow us to offer a better guarantee on a sewer cleaning.




Sewer, Septic, and Drain Repair

Bulldog Sewer and Drain offers excavating services for your sewer, septic, and plumbing drains. Our plumbers can often excavate a small area to perform a sewer or drain repair. This can save hundreds of dollars. Call today for a free, no obligation quote. Let our plumbers work for you. Sometimes a good sewer cleaning is all you need for your drain as well. 






Hydro Jetting

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YouTube Hydro Jetting

Hydro jetting uses high pressure water for sewer and drain cleaning. The plumber can use the jetter for greasy and dirty drains. In addition, it works well for frozen sewers and drains. The hydro jetter is best used where a sewer snake does not work well. We will get your sewer cleaning and drain cleaning done right.






*Please call for details. 

Last updated January 1st 2020